Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My French Canadian Boom Boom Rider.

5-29-12, Allaganey National Forest to Niagara Falls to 4 Mile Creek Youngstown NY.

We found ourselves at Niagara Falls yet again after mom told me she had never seen it before. During our walk around I realized on my first visit I had totally missed the main Horseshoe Falls on my first visit, durr. Afterward we drove North to Youngstown, 4 Mile Creek, and Fort Niagara to a wonderful State Park and spent the night with a killer view of Lake Ontario and the Toronto skyline.

Stopping for lunch.
Making friends.
A retard.
A bear.


I have blog entries to write but have not stopped long enough somewhere with WiFi to do so. It will have to wait until I stop somewhere in SD or something. Mom and I have been having a blast, and I set my arm on fire, as well as my beard. Updates with photos to follow.


Friday, June 1, 2012

Backwoods PA. *Dueling Banjos Playing in Background*

6-28-12, Allaganey National Forest.

The night of May 28th found us in Allaganey National Forest. A very pleasant drive and a wonderful night of free camping. I forgot to take a photo so I pulled over and snapped this ridiculously blurry photo of my van. I believe her atoms were vibrating because of how happy she was, though.
I love you Winzling.

Mountain Man, Mountain Goat, and Mom.

6-27-12 Promise Land State Park.

Our stop for the night of the 27th was Promise Land SP in PA. A nice place to camp and pretend we are enjoying our coffee. The 28th it was off West toward Allaganey National Forest.
Duherr, coffee.

5-26-12, Colin's Apartment to Mystic CT to Mohegan Sun Casino CT

We blasted off from my brother's apartment on Friday the 26th for the shore, a favorite hang out of ours on our birthdays, done early because we were leaving the East coast for a long time. After pizza in Mystic CT and treats at lighthouse point Stonington CT we headed to the Casino for a bit of gambling and some nearly free camping. 

Lighthouse Point, Stongington Ct.

Among the giants at Mohegan Sun Casino CT. My van pees with excitement.
Mmm, rivery.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Das Winzling.

Well, we hit the road today. Thanks to my brother Colin we got every single repair done. Fuel filter, transmission fluid, two new universal joints, new differential gasket, cover, and fluid, new serpentine belt, and new belt tensioner.

I couldn't be more grateful to my family and friends for helping me get my van fixed and cleaned. I love you all.

Monday, May 21, 2012

A Bed.

Sorry I couldn't think of anything clever to type in the 
title. My big brother Colin being the mighty craftsman he is built me a high bed platform for Winzling to maximize storage and give me a place to put my eventual water heater, heater, and toilet. It's kind of ugly and industrial but lemme tell you, this thing is solid as hell. Nice work bro.