Thursday, April 7, 2011


Had a bit of a melt down yesterday. That lump of steel was a beast to remove.

I'm going to make some nice trim with my Dremel where the two roof sections meet and where the plywood roof meets the headliner. It certainly has it's drawbacks but shines in certain circumstances.

Today I will work on finishing my wheel well templates. I have two 39x48 'scraps' of wood from the roof sections, I'll trim a bit off the top of each. Those will completely cover the passenger side wall, and part of the driver side wall. The walls should be MUCH easier to do than the ceiling.

Thanks Meg for helping me with that roof!

I'm going to save the 14x14 square from my roof vent and use it to patch the holes in the floor with JB weld

Progress report later.

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