Wednesday, October 26, 2011

So..Bones might not be so dead.

I did crash my van. I was cited with failure to avoid an accident that had already occurred. Talking to my insurance agent they will probably total the van. But talking with Aaron aka ihatemybike, and my brother we are thinking we can probably repair her...for quite a bit less than quoted. Might not be as pretty as a pro shop or pro job, but it would save a lot of money, maybe enough for a hard top. She actually runs just fine minus the idle air intake valve, her front end is just smooshed. The main issue is the core support, after that it's all a matter of cosmetics.

Now I need to find out if it will be totaled, and how much they offering for damages.

These vans are rare, It wouldn't be fair to put one in a junk yard, I don't think I am ready to give up the adventure yet either.

The quote for damages has been made and is being sent off to the adjuster, and a mobile adjuster will be by shortly for a review. They will most likely total it, but I don't think I will give up the ghost, or Bones that easily.

Aaron and his wife have graciously offered me the driveway to house Bones, meanwhile my insurance is putting me up in a hotel. Aaron and Jayme are seriously radical folks.

We shall see what happens.

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  1. Please keep us posted with lots of pictures as you fix up your Tiger.