Monday, November 7, 2011

Life. My thoughts.

This life is a temporary existence. Everything goes away in the end. The only thing that matters in my mind is the energy we affect on the journey through this life. Nothing else matters in my mind beside the energy I impart on everyone, and everything I interact with. It's easy to get caught up in the here and now and lose sight of the big picture, I am guilty of this, but when I step back I realize it doesn't really matter, so long as I continue goodness and kindness, nothing else matters. You can take my possessions, destroy them, take my blood and bones, but in the end I know that the energy, my soul if you will, that I have been entrusted is safe, protected, and well looked after, and I work to imprint goodness onto others.

To anyone I have ever said a bad word to, or misplaced trust in, or burned, I am truly sorry. And to anyone who has every lent me goodness when I was in a tough spot, a place to sleep, a helping hand, a place to hang my hat, even a kind word, I thank you. You are the goodness this world often fails to acknowledge, you are the nuclear reactor of positivity.

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