Wednesday, November 16, 2011


So Aaron and I have located all the front end pieces, save for the grille which I've ordered offline. The driver side fender we sourced doesn't quite fit, it needs a wee bit of adjustment. If we can get the hood on OK I'll swing by Chicago Street and see if Chuck has any ideas.

We just need to swap the rear leafs for steel, fix the fuel hose leak, and sort out the shifter indicator on my dash, plus a strange squeal from my steering wheel.

I'll be doing an oil change, and ordering an Amisol air filter as well.

I am flip flopping between the hard top and soft top, but once I hear from Robert at Provan I'll know which route I'm going. I won't be selling the van if I get a hard top. The trim on the van is pretty trashed, so the cost of new trim might factor into my decision.

I received and was charged for one fantastic vent a few weeks ago, after I canceled my order, but received another two vents today, so I will need to see about returning those.

Aaron took me into downtown Chicago, it was really fun, here is a cell phone pic of 'The Bean' which I found very cool.

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