Friday, March 23, 2012

Brain Stew.

So I have insurance locked in for the 26th. I went with a full time RV insurance policy. After what happened with Marshmallow, I went with a full time with Bone's and it saved my non-functioning butt.

To you van dwellers or Expo dude's in converted vans, if you are investing money in a vehicle that has a low Kelley Blue Book value, I highly
recommend this. They also put you up in a hotel in the event of an incident, reimburse you for the actual cost of an item, not the perceived value etc. My guy Helm with State Farm hooked me up with a sick policy. No one wants to use it, but the security is nice.

I still need to book my flight from CO to CA and back to CO. I just need to run a final check with Derek and make sure my dates work for him.

I've begun packing and putting things in piles.

Here is my pile to go with me in the van when I return to CA to register it. This is not including my solar panel plus solar charging equipment, and a few camp things. Kitchen stuff, food, linens, clothing, camping stuff, and electronics, all the essentials. I hope Derek at Colorado Camper Van does not mind I am bringing my crap with me.

Here is my pile to go into storage. It's missing some kitchen stuff, my inflatable bed and a few small things, but essentially it's all there. I didn't realize how much there was. I'll start taking some stuff by hand over the next few days so I can get the van registered and get out of CA faster.

Here is an idea I came up with last night. I couldn't sleep and then got an idea so I whipped this up with my epic MS paint skills. Let's see how Derek likes it. He probably thinks I am an OCD insane nutjob,'re right...

More soon!

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