Friday, April 20, 2012

A long overdue update.

I made it to Elgin IL safely from Colorado with Winzling. The drive was anything but fun, Nebraska and Iowa really suck for free camping, and scenery, but I got to see the worlds largest truck stop, and I went to see the Antique Archaeology HQ from American Pickers. I am in Elgin IL visiting Aaron and Jayme, happy to be hanging out with my pals, we just had a nice dinner and coffee, got some fun stuff planned for the week, including a trip to The Badlands in  Indiana, plus some personal projects for Winzling.

Iowa 80, worlds largest truck stop. The coolest thing were the trucks on display you could crawl around inside.

A little ways down the 80 is Le Claire IA, home to Antique Archaeology from American Pickers. My goal this time around is not pass up any fun opportunity, so off I went to find them. Unfortunately Mike, Frank, or Danielle were not there. ):


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