Friday, March 11, 2011

Electrical shenanigans.

I got my backup camera, the charging/battery kit for my GPS, and my locking gas cap today. I went down to Radio Shack got some wiring supplies, but I need smaller gauge wire and solder, so I have to go swap them out tomorrow. While I'm at it I'll go to Home Depot and get some carriage bolts, washers, rubber washers, silicone, and bondo to patch/seal the holes from the previous owners stuff.

Yesterday I filled up my gas tank and it only cost 50 bucks, wahoo.

Once I get my backup camera sorted out I can move ahead on gutting, cleaning, and painting the entire interior of the van as well as laying down the radiant barrier in front before I put my seats and such back. I plan to take Sunday and Monday to do this before I go to the mechanic on Wednesday.

I've sourced primer, paint, wood stain, plywood, and insulation. So I am pretty psyched about that.

No photos today, just words...

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