Sunday, March 13, 2011

Slow Going.

This is more of a 'buy lots of expensive' crap project vs. converting a van to live in. I've run into a few obstacles with my camera installation and I'm now waiting on some parts to get er' done. I should have it worked out when I get my tools and supplies.

I was having trouble finding a pass through from the cab to the battery for power but a fellow pointed me toward the hole where my trunk release passes through the firewall. I'll pop a few pinholes in there and worm the wires through, crimp on some circle crimps and hotwire the camera and monitor directly to my battery. The green relay wire will be crimped to the power cable going to my stereo.

Did I mention I bought a new stereo + harness? In my defense I needed the extra powered side for my camera relay. *Cough*

Other things purchased, blind spot mirror, power drill, blue tooth dongle (my stereo has a USB port) and speakers.

I found a way to mount my camera to my license plate box. I just tore the v-shaped rubber thingy off that is supposed to hold the bottom of the plate instead of screws. I'll add two screws and mount the camera down there. It's temporary. Nick and I will be covering that hole and moving my license plate to the rear bumper, since my new rear bumper and tire carrier will block it.

I will share some photos tomorrow.

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