Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Finally feeling better!

Today I got the floor nearly finished. I plugged the bulkhead holes with bolts and sealed them with self leveling caulk. Then while the caulk was still wet I put the front floor section in place to mark where the bolt heads stuck out 1/8" and I notched out cavities for them to rest in inside the wood so the floor sat flush to the rear section.

Next I laid down some linoleum tile, cutting it size where needed. I came up 10 tiles short so tonight I went to Home Depot and got a few more.

Now as I mentioned the floor is fine, sits in nice and tight, doesn't squeak or wobble. But I bought these L-shaped brackets just for safety sake. The only place that floor can go is up, so in the bizarre realm I hit a giant bump and the floor comes free or something else equally insane I bought these to secure the floor.

I also bought some anchor points to secure my tools, toolbox, etc. with tie down straps.

I tried 2 sets of batteries and this was the only shot I could get before the last set died, I then noticed there was gunk on the lens.

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Tomorrow I will get those brackets in place, finish the floor tiles, mount those tie down anchors, and make the pieces for the wheel well boxes (waiting to make the boxes until I get the bed to be sure I allow enough space for it)

Still to do is acquire a fuse block and run a wire from my MELC to the rear for the vent fan and lights, and so I can re purpose that for charging the batteries from the alternator, when I get them.

Then there is the matter of the few living essentials I need, and to get down to a donation box and the DMV to add my title to my registration.

3 days left till my mother gets here, and 5 left until I depart.

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