Monday, April 18, 2011

Thinning the herd and flooring.

Finally got the floor in. I decided to just go with a thick piece of wood for the floor. I went with 5/8" OSB. I wanted 3/4" but it was too heavy and the 5/8" was on sale. I went with a thicker piece of wood to secure stuff to, and for the natural r-value of wood. I wasn't able to take photos as I worked until it was dark, but will take some tomorrow.

I bought some nice linoleum tiles to go over the OSB, and I'll put a throw rug on that. Should be nice.

Afterward I need to do a bit of wiring, buy a few things, get some paperwork in, and then I'll be about ready.

Here is how I spent my time while sick, thinning out my belongings.

To be donated/junked.

I might recycle the desk for use in the van, TV and printer are staying here.

The rest of all I own now.

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