Monday, April 4, 2011

I got wood.

Wood paneling, you sick bastard. Today I figured with 3 weeks left to go I should jump in and get this done ASAP. So I finished insulating, put up some vapor barrier, then ran out of adhesive. Off to Home Depot, my home away from home where the Mexicans loitering about think I own my business and bang on my van. GO AWAY I'M JUST A DIRTY HIPPIE LIVING IN MY VAN.

So while I was there I got some plywood. After about 30 minutes of head scratching and bothering people who looked like contractors I was settled on some 1/4" sandwood stuff. In hindsight perhaps I should have gone with 3/4", and gone with a variety of wood that didn't splinter and explode when you cut it. It dents really easily too.

Ah well. It was a beast to get up, lots of swearing, and fitting, and trying to get screws in, I can't imagine the damage I did to the paint, I hope I don't get moisture up there or it's going to rust through. Maybe one day I'll re-panel.

I also used my jig saw for the first time today and didn't cut my freaking hand off, yay.

On the pictures!

One wall done being insulated.

Back part of the roof is done.


A protruding lump of metal stopped this edge from seating like the other side. I wasn't going to fuss with it, so I left it.

More wood for tomorrow.

They were slammed at Home Depot and the woman forgot to scan my second 4x8 section, so I went back in to pay for it and they shooed me away. *Shrug*

Tomorrow I will get the front half of the roof and probably the passenger side wall done.

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