Thursday, May 19, 2011

An entry from the realm of serenity and peace.

Being on this adventure has taught me about myself. It's taught me a lot about this Universe and the world we live in. It's altered me in such a beautiful passionate way that it can only be described as poetic.

We live in a realm, a plane of existence. A place we often get caught up in our daily lives.

Everything is meaningless, everything a shell, man-made, an object of this here and now. When you die, you do not keep anything you posses here, but one, your soul, the energy that lives inside you, whatever you might prefer to call it.

This is my personal belief, while I respect that others may have other views and ideals, this is what I believe and hold true in my mind.

All I have is my energy. My van, my money, my laptop, it means nothing, useful tools while I inhabit this plane, but my energy I will carry over, perhaps it will be recycled and given to some other shell?

I have to take care of it, I have to make it positive, be a compassionate loving creature, treat others with dignity, respect and honor.

Traveling, having nothing, nothing but a new view every morning has made me love this world, these people, my fellow inhabitants.

If you're caught up in the here and now, if you're sad, sick, or upset, know that even though I do not know you, I love you. You are my blood, you are my kind, we inhabit this realm together, it's our job to protect each other, take care of each other, cheer each other up.

It doesn't take money, or anything of material worth to change another, a smile will do, a simple nod of the head. To make someone's day, that's all it takes.

Live, breathe the air, enjoy your surroundings in this existence, enjoy being around your fellow humans. Soon it will all go away, whether you're Buddhist, Christian, Catholic, Muslim, no matter what god you call yours, it all goes away, and all we have, is each other.

Be well.


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  1. Kyle,
    Sounds like you are enjoying your life now.

    Aaron aka ihatemybike