Monday, June 6, 2011


5-30-11 found me in a bit of a pinch. Out West there are lots of campgrounds and BLM land where you can camp. When you get further into the East there is literally none of this. Therein lies the problem. I could not find anywhere to camp after not being able to find two of my campgrounds from Asheville North Carolina to Bristol Tennessee, I finally found a place in Wytheville Virginia but was very uneasy and listened to my gut and pushed on. Low on gas and money I finally called it quits outside Roanoke Virginia and stayed at a rest stop for the night.

Despite this my spirits were high. I am learning to deal with hardships and finding the joy and adventure in everything. It was Memorial day and on my mind the entire time was how lucky I was we have what I do.

The view driving up and out of North Carolina.

I met some Christians who were very angry that I had my own set of religious beliefs. Sorry I made you guys angry, I hope your journey is safe dudes and dudettes!

A very memorable Memorial Day to all our service members past and present who's sacrifices allow and will continue to allow me to enjoy this beautiful country and all it has to offer.

And a special thank you to my brother-in law, thanks for everything!

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