Monday, June 13, 2011

Maintenance and optimizing living space.

I've been enjoying my time here in Connecticut with my mom, friends and family. Now I need to start working on Marshmallow. Dennis, my mother's boyfriend went over my van with me today and we made a list of things that need addressing, as well as some cosmetic and nit-picky items that need attending.

I re-caulked the roof vent because it has leaked twice. I used an entire tube of caulk so I doubt it will leak any longer. If it does I am using roofing cement.

In the next few days I will be:
Adding coolant and detecting a possible leak
Replacing all 4 shocks
Replacing the air filter with a K&N
Replacing the hinge pins on my front doors
Treating the spots where the doors have dug into the van body

My mothers boyfriend also gave me a tire release/lug wrench tool, and a bottle jack. I will be building a recovery kit around these with some tow straps, tire chains, spare fuses, spare serpentine belt, spare bulbs, a few quarts of motor oil, some zip ties, some metal wire, and of course duct tape.

I will also be pulling my bed and the stuff in and around it and moving it forward 6 inches and building a custom wooden base for it with a shelf on one or both ends for storage. This will give me a 56"Lx17"Wx24" tall area of pure storage space behind my bed against the rear doors, with just enough space under the bed behind my drawers for tools I hardly access. Other things on my interior list are to divert power draw from my van battery to my spare battery since the spare is a true deep cycle, change my interior light bulbs with LED bulbs, add some rear house lights.

Photos will follow when the fun begins.

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  1. Get an Amsoil Ea Air Filter instead of K&N. It's a dry nano-fiber filter. Easier to clean with better filtering and flow.