Sunday, July 10, 2011

Ant invasion.

A few days ago I noticed some ants tooling around my van. I thought nothing of it and continued on. Later I would learn they had completely infested my van.

I ended up pulling my rear wood sub floor out (I hated that thing anyway) and all the trim. I found dirt piles everywhere, and they had nested in the Jute fiber carpet padding up front.

Now the van is completely empty, and I have just ordered some non toxic low VOC bed liner. While not completely necessary it will ensure I never have to worry about the floor rusting or being damaged no matter what happens on top of it.

I'll be putting FatMat sound/heat proofing in the front passenger area, or just heat shield, and then foam tiles forward of where I sit to eat and relax. The rest, under the bed and behind it will remain just bare bed liner as this is where stuff is often dragged in and out.

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