Saturday, July 23, 2011

Things never work out how we expect...

...but the Universe always takes care of us.

I was supposed to depart my sisters apartment a few days ago to take off on my own but she had a bunch of stuff that needed to get done that she could not do. So I offered to stay if she would like and help her. I am happy to help my dearest sister whom I love dearly.

Today we are going to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. Then tomorrow I will depart to meet a friend of mine from a web forum I post on.

My sister needs time to herself, and I need time to reflect and make decisions.

The smart solenoid isolator I bought does not work. It was keeping the the two batteries connected all the time draining them down. So I bought a simple constant duty solenoid which will fix this problem. I hope to return the more expensive one for cash.

I plan to invest in solar in November, if not in August.

I have two spankin' new healthy Optima Deep Cycle/Cranking batteries. The van is quieted down, and all fixed up. My little girl is ready to adventure.

Now I just need to do is reflect upon my decision to invest more into this van. Will I continue to van dwell? Or will I find a place to settle down. Only my wandering soul can tell me, and I need to wander to decide.

Sorry for the lack of updates and photos, I have been quite busy.

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