Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fiasco time.

Well I flew into Orlando. The flight was pleasant. The shuttle ride and hotel were pretty terrible. But the worst part is the owner of the Tiger GT withheld a lot of information from me. The van is a mess, it's missing it's canvas, it's appliances seem unsafe due to owner neglect, the previous owner did a lot of schody DIY wiring and woodwork, a lot of over use of caulk. That's the big stuff, it has some exterior surface rust, rusted bolts, worn out hatches and hatch frames, etc.

It's going to take A LOT of elbow grease to make it livable. Luckily, I forced the guy down $700.00, and the van did have good, brand new tires on it. So those should last me a while and allow me to focus on making it live able.

Here is my list of stuff to do.
Full mechanical workup, oil/filter change, helper leaf, shocks, brakes (Possible rear drum brakes, very rusted)
-Locate canvas replacement or hard top conversion
-Much cleaning of interior and exterior left to do.
-Have as much of interior upholstery steam cleaned, some I can remove and wash myself.
-Take stupid ass giant table top off beam and replace with small round table top
-Pull schody wooden supports from bench.
-Pull schody DIY cabinets.
-Pull disgusting DIY green carpet, (Replace with linoleum)
-Locate appropriate sized shower pan.
-Rebuild wall/door surrounding wet bath, line will plastic wall board.
-Pull defunkt Dometic fridgec (Will replace with all electric fridge eventually)
-Pull kitchen drawers, repair and replace bottoms
-Pull as much wood from the interior as possible and sand and refinish or replace.
-Replace all interior hardware, pulls, hinges, electrical outlets, and TV connector.
-Pull rusted out 30lb propane tank (Will replace with equivalent or tank mounted on bumper depending on cost)
-Pull Rusted out 2 burner stove (Might be able to clean)
-Relocate and inspect stock and schody DIY wiring
-Inspect/Replace propane fittings, hoses
-Replace roof vents with 1 powered and 1 non-powered Fantastic Fan
-Pull shitty wood strips from roof, replace
-Pull shitty trim from exterior, replace with aluminum stripping
-Scrape off the shitty caulk the bonehead previous owner used, replace with good caulk (Some need re-painting and resealing)
-Replace a vast majority of screws on the exterior, remove surface rust.
-Pull shitty TV mast stub from roof, scrape tons of caulk from roof, seal holes, caulk etc.
-Minor rust repair on rear tire carrier.
-Replace catalytic heater, replace hot water heater with on-demand heater mounted under rear ladder.
-Eventual full paint job, and under body treatment.

A lot of this is just elbow grease, which I can do in my friend Aaron's driveway, he has so graciously offered to me.

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