Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Bones.

Took the van to Chicago Street Auto Body the other day to have the entire core support replaced and the door adjusted. Chuck is such a nice guy who runs a quality operation.

Since then I have been picking through yards for body parts for Bones. Today I found a hood and bumper trim, plus a bumper I could not remove. Hopefully Aaron can head back with me to retrive it this week. It's not going anywhere.

100 for the hood and bumper trim. They are asking 100 for the complete bumper, then all I need is a fender for 85. And I need to order the grille, headlight and blinker/parking light housings. I have to get those offline because all of them in the yards are busted. Those should run me 80 or so. I need a driver side blinker cover, core support brace, and battery tray, but I can probably get those free.

All in all I am saving a TON of money picking most of the parts myself. In the future I hope to find an A/C condenser too.

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