Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Life is so damn good.

Today I rented a car and surprised mom at the airport. I had told her I was having a friend pick her up. I treated to her to a nice dinner at a restaurant Aaron recommended. It's so nice to see her.

I did take today off working on the van, luckily Aaron and Jayme don't mind the giant lump of Astro hanging out in their driveway...too much. I think she will end up going into the shop tomorrow if I can come up with the down payment. I have a lot of money tied up in my hotel, waiting for reimbursement for my insurance.

When she comes out of the shop I should be able to knock out the last shock and oil change myself and have Aaron help me with the front, filler hose, leafs, and body panels for the front.

Life is so freaking awesome. I have awesome family, awesome friends, and a killer rig to call my home.

I cannot thank my buddies Aaron and Jayme enough for supporting me. I love you guys so much.

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