Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Chronicles of a Flightless Bird.

Too long have my wings been clipped. I feel like there is a giant anchor around my waist. However uncomfortable I am in my current circumstance I know this is the will of the Universe and this is all part of the learning experience. I feel I am still learning my new lifestyle, and a series of unfortunate events has set me back, perhaps to teach me patience, planning skills? Who knows but the tides of the Cosmos.

I do not and cannot say my next adventure will be more permanent, or the answer. But I do know this, it will happen.

Right now I am living in an apartment after I sold my last rig. My dear mother is moving from Connecticut to San Diego in May. We will be sharing a small apartment together to allow me to save funds for my next vehicle. The idea is to wait until mom is 55 so she can get a more affordable place, then I hit the road, and use mom's house as a hub to rest, repair, etc. A very generous offer from my dearest mother. And a prospect I very much look forward to.

Living in this apartment has made me realize the differences of both types of lifestyles, there are pros and cons to each. But why I am I so desperately drawn to the road, one which would seem to provide more cons? Why do I ache and chomp at the bit to constantly be out and about. I've downgraded my internet here at home to 3Mbps because I am hardly ever home, I pack food in containers because I know I could be wandering all day, and I am doing everything I can to pinch pennies.

Despite having no vehicle, I still manage to wander for the entire day, here and there, no where in particular.

I know I am still growing, and this is part of the process. I eagerly await my adventure in May from Connecticut to San Diego.

Mom and I will be taking her Subaru Outback to Illinois, South Dakota, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, and finally California on 4,000+ mile indirect route to her new home.

Until next time.


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