Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hopeful Prospects on the Horizon.

I've located a 1999 AWD Chevrolet Astro in Santa Cruz CA being sold by a nice fella' named Mike. I hope this goes through for me. It has a lot of extra goodies and has been well taken care of. It does have a transmission clunk in 1 and 2, but I am not too terribly concerned per my research and the advice of ihatemybike.

My living situation is toxic. I 'ratted' my neighbors out for doing drugs out of one of the garages and they'ved turned very hostile toward me.

I plan to terminate my rent as of April 5th. I do not feel safe here. This gives me 1 month to locate a van as I will be watching my sisters apartment for 2 weeks in April. I am once again becoming voluntarily homeless.

Despite these misfortunes I am excited to see my mother in a few months and take her on an adventure, also looking forward to visiting with ihatemybike, my Astro van brother, and of course, toward the prospect of new wanderings.

Here's hoping for brighter sun rises and vibrant adventures.

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