Thursday, March 15, 2012

Van hunt.

Went up North to Costa Mesa with my friend Amy today from Vegan Bodybuilding to look at a van. It's in OK shape but they are asking too much for it and will not budge. If they went down on the price I'd bite, but they are totally unwilling

Things shall work out. I am not buying another van with bad vibes.

Amy also graciously brought me to put my stuff in storage. This is 3/4 of my worldly possesions, as you can tell. I am a bit of a minimalist.


Edit: Moments after I wrote that a man from AZ with a potential van called. He seemed incredibly friendly offering to lower the price a bit since I need to travel, take pictures of the undercarriage and engine compartment and to write the vehicle as paid with tax to save me money when registering it in CA, he's even getting me a Car Fax so I can see where the van lived most of it's life, and potential service records. It looks in great shape.

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