Wednesday, March 14, 2012

DMV Super Happy Fun Time

I went to the DMV earlier to have my vision restriction taken off my license and to pull up my driving history record. As you all know I rear ended a vehicle in October and completed online traffic safety school. I was worried about the cost of my insurance so I wanted to go check to see if I needed to report I'd been in any collisions on my quote.

It actually wasn't that busy and after a short wait, a new photo for my license (Beard and all) a new un-restriced license was on it's way to me and I discovered I have no points on my record from the accident.

I also found the ever elusive Snickerdoodle cookie from Alternative Baking Co. at a local coffee shop. It has been my quest for weeks to try all their cookies and this one is the last i need to conquer. They had actually sent me a free cookie when I told them of my epic crusade.


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