Sunday, April 29, 2012

Badlands, Attica Indiana: A Lesson in Off Roading

I'm in Attica Indiana for a few days. Yesterday Aaron, his father, Jim, and his Nephew, Vincent, and myself, plus our trusty vans all went off roading in Badlands off road park. I learned a lot of valuable lessons from Aaron, and my van. 

I managed to smash my front cross member on a rock. A lesson in itself as I should have not gone down that trail. lesson learned. Much valuable information was garnered, and stronger, and new friendships built. I see how Aaron developed his character, because his father too is a shining light in the human race. It gives me faith in humanity to see people like Aaron, Jim, and Jayme. Knowing that good because exist and are thriving.

Onto the photos, some stolen from Jim's Facebook. (;
The two amigos, or one amigo and one amigette?

Winzling lieks to play in the sand. :3
No, he's really crazy...

I don't know if the engineers who built this van had any idea what kind of action this vehicle would see...

Sage advice from a crazy man. I guess that makes me nuts too.

It was a bummer to say bye to Aaron, he's a good guy. But I am sure I will be seeing him again soon.

I am staying another night here in Attica. I need to start exercising again. I feel my human shell weakening so tomorrow I'm going to get up and sprint hard, grab a hot shower, then hit the road North by North East toward Ft. Wayne. Aaron's dad says there is a great genealogy library up there and I want to check it out.

Until next time.

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