Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Mighty Winzling...

Well I have not updated my blog recently. I have been in Connecticut for a few weeks waiting for my mom to get ready to go to San Diego with me. Turns out this wait has been good as my brother, Colin, discovered some disturbing mechanical issues with her that were never brought to my attention in San Diego when I had her oil pan gasket and oil cooler lines done. Among these issues are a leaking rear differential, a severely eroded front pinion gasket, two universal joints far beyond their service life, filthy transmission fluid, a punctured fuel filter thanks to Colorado Camper Van, and a chewed up serpentine belt thanks to an over tighten belt and/or bad tensioner.

Luckily my brother and his buddy come to my rescue, and Winzling's, and for just a few hundred in parts Winzling will be spiffy as can be come the end of the week and I will be on my way.

Thanks for watching my six, bro, I love you.

More updates to follow.


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