Friday, May 4, 2012

The Wait Begins

Obligatory Winzling shot.

I took these in Jamestown NY at a neat little rest stop yesterday, the 3rd. Nice place to stop, catch your breath and take in the sights. Jamestown and the surrounding area has a lot of fascinating history. Lucille Ball was actually born there, cool!

I am staying with my big brother, Colin here in Connecticut while I wait for mom. In that time Colin and I are going to do some work on Winzling addressing the interior and safety.

Mom and I have a few things planned for fun, too!

I've begun exercising again and I've changed my fasting schedule to begin in the AM and end at 5PM or so. This will hopefully allow me to get up, exercise and snack while on the road, then begin fasting early evening.

My body is weak but I have a long run planned for tomorrow.


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