Monday, October 31, 2011


Today I ripped the hood and fenders off, then brought Bones to Chuck at Chicago Street Auto Body. We discovered the core support needs to be totally replaced, a 350 dollar deal turned 1,150 dollars. We requested more money from insurance but I told him to go ahead and order the parts anyway. I also took a bunch of the pesky carpet screws out, and replaced one of the rear shocks. I hope to rent a car tomorrow to get mom, and swing up to Aaron's to replace the second one before I get her, so I can get Bones to the shop Wednesday. She will be in the shop for a good 4 or 5 days. Having a car to hang around with mom will be fun. Bones will be in the shop and we can do some fun stuff.

Once Bones is out of surgery Aaron and I should have gotten the bits and pieces we need, and will be able to put her back together, replace the battery tray, front shocks, fix the fuel filler hose, and swap out the rear leafs.

I did hear from Mark at Provan. The price for a hard top with windows installed is outrageous. I'm going to go with a raw hard top, 2,600, drive to South Carolina and try and find someone to let me use some work space to install it. They aren't accepting orders until 2012, pooey. Guess I'll need to drive the 3k miles back to Provan. Will give me an excuse to go bother Aaron and Jayme in the Spring though. (:

In the mean time I'll head back to San Diego, and gut the van so I have a clean canvas to work with. I'd rather have a totally empty shell without all the stuff I need vs. a full shell with stuff that sets me off and is done improperly.

I'm going to use a good pressure treated water and bug resistant green plywood for the subfloor, linoleum tiles or cheap hardwood floors for the floor, luan or plywood for the walls and roof, pine and knotty pine for the cabinets, bench, fixtures etc. cotton insulation in the walls, and rigid foam in the roof. I'll be redoing all the wiring, changing the layout a bit, replacing the heater with a catalytic safety heater, the hot water with an on demand unit, the fridge with a smaller unit, a smaller more efficient water pump, reverse osmosis gray water recycling, ditching the black water tank for a porta potti/casette toilet and swapping out some of the electronics.

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