Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Long Post is Long

I suppose I should explain exactly what the plan is and how things have morphed over the last couple months.

Mom had originally intended on moving out of Connecticut to San Diego where she and I would live together somewhat close to my sister and brother in law, as this is only temporary for a few years.

We had originally intended to use mom's 2004 Subaru Outback to drive from Connecticut to San Diego taking an indirect route and going on a bit of an adventure. But mom's belongings, although sparse, would not fit inside the car as well as items we'd need to travel. Also lending itself to the situation is that mom doesn't drive very much, more so to go to work, visit friends, etc. It does not warrant us owning two cars. So the decision was made that mom would sell her car and we'd buy a van to share until she decided or felt she needed her own personal vehicle.

The decision was made to purchase an Astro van as mom knows I love them and she is comfortable driving them. With the large cargo space, reliability, and ability to camp inside as a security measure I set forth to purchase one for us.

Which is where I currently am. Waiting to find a van to escape this nightmare-scape of an apartment.

I have some mini adventures I've taken to USS Midway Museum here in San Diego, and Cabrillo National Monument I will post soon.


P.S. There is a pregnant spider in my bathroom. Her name is Stinky.

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